Outstanding Insurance Benefits


Country Sports Ireland has teamed up with leading global insurance specialists to put together an outstanding country sports insurance package for members and member groups.


Our member’s insurance is provided by SPORTSCOVER - a world renowned specialist sports insurer that boasts more than a million clients spanning a diverse range of sporting activities.


The scheme is brokered by Willis Tower’s Watson - Ireland’s leading insurance broker with over 600 people employed in offices in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway and Belfast.


Each member and member club is covered by £10 million / €13 million Public and Products Liability insurance in the event of a claim arising as a result of bodily injury of a person or property damage whilst the member is participating in or travelling directly to or from all ‘recognised’ country sports.


Every member also enjoys Personal Accident cover which provides compensation and medical expenses cover for permanent injury to the member again whilst participating in or travelling directly to or from any “recognised” country sport.


Insurance cover applies throughout the entire island of Ireland and also covers members whilst temporarily participating in country sports on a world-wide basis.


Membership of Country Sports Ireland provides insurance cover for an extensive list of ‘recognised’ country sports, including the following:













Game Shooting • Rough Shooting

• Wildfowling • Clay Target Shooting

• Rifle Shooting • Deer Stalking • Target Shooting • Pest & Predator Control

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Gundog Work & Training • Field Trials

Terrior & Lurcher Work • Hunting Hounds On Foot • Coursing • Dog Shows & Racing


Sea • Coarse • Game Angling

including the use of boats


Falconry • Ferreting • Conservation Work • Game Rearing & Management

• Fundraising and other events



For full details of the outstanding Country Sports Ireland member’s insurance please click on the link:





 Download Member’s Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Scheme Policy